What’s your
Internet of Things
maturity level?

Assess your IoT maturity level with the Frost & Sullivan Actualisation Quotient framework. Gain insights on how to chart your business growth with IoT.

What are the factors that drive business value?

Frost & Sullivan surveyed 300 respondents in Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore, to understand the IoT maturity of enterprises and its impact on business performance. The IoT Actualisation Quotient (AQ) framework was developed to identify the 4 factors that directly impact the business value that IoT delivers.


What are the levels of
involvement from the
management team?


Where are you in
your journey to
incorporate IoT?


How committed is your
organisation in executing
IoT initiatives?


What technology
strategies does your
organisation adopt?

Find out your
IoT maturity level in
3 minutes

IoT is changing enterprises’ business models and how they offer their products and services. As an integral part of digital transformation, many enterprises across Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore have already embarked on their IoT journey with great success.

Learn how you can chart your business growth with our IoT Actualisation Quotient framework.

Internet of Things:

An Asia-Pacific Perspective

Dispel the misconceptions about IoT and download the IoT whitepaper to guide your IoT journey and chart your business growth. Enterprises across Singapore, Australia and Hong Kong were interviewed for their views on IoT implementation and what value it brings to their business. Topics include:

  • What is the IoT Actualisation Quotient framework?

  • Stages of IoT maturity

  • Business outcomes across IoT actualisation journey

  • IoT use cases

  • Practical tips and recommendations for successful IoT implementation

Download Whitepaper

Current IoT maturity levels across countries in APAC

The Frost & Sullivan IoT infographics show how enterprises in Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore are leveraging IoT to chart their business growth and achieve higher business outcomes.

Download the infographic to view country-specific highlights.

Singapore Hong Kong Australia


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